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Now, there are many reasons why I love the Germans.  Good beer, schnitzel (need I say more), and fantastic white wines…but the big reason?  Oh yeah…DAS AUTOBAHN!

For those of you asking yourself, “Wait…I thought she lived in the Netherlands?  Is the autobahn in the Netherlands?  I totally thought it was in Germany,” rest assured, you were right.  The autobahn is, indeed, in Germany.  But, the German border is only about 45 minutes away from where we live, so it’s not too hard to get the chance to drive on it.  I do drive here in the Netherlands.  At first it was hard to get used to driving a manual (which I learned on, but haven’t driven since I was 16), not to mention watching out for bikers in a country where EVERYONE rides a bicycle, and they ride it everywhere.  So yeah, it took a bit of getting used to, but now I drive and feel fairly comfortable.  Today, the husband had to leave for a work meeting in Salzburg, and was flying out of Dusseldorf, so I decided to ride with him and take the car back, instead of having him park it there overnight (he gets back in tomorrow).  On the way to the airport, I noticed that there was a nice stretch of autobahn that I would be driving on heading back home.  FANTASTIC!

Dropped the hubs off with no problem, and then hit the road back home!  Holy crap did I let loose!  My Opal Astra station wagon (seriously, google image this car, because you have no idea just how “un-European” it looks until you see a picture) was getting some serious speed!  I was impressed!  I managed to get up to 165 kph, which is only around 100 mph, but still, for a station wagon!  Awesome!  I love driving fast…therefore the autobahn makes me very happy.

But, other things make me happy as well…not just driving fast.  I’m sure you’ve all heard that beef tastes different in Europe.  Since I’m not a red meat connoisseur, I don’t really tell the difference.  As long as my steak is still bleeding, I’m good to go.  But yesterday, the hubs took me to a little slice of Americana, right here in Eindhoven.  Fonzie’s Burgers and Broodjes.  Based on “Happy Days”…the 50s sitcom, the place has burgers, fries, milkshakes, and all other things you would think to find in a diner back home.  Oh my goodness.  It was a slice of heaven, covered in grease and grilled to perfection.  I ordered your typical cheeseburger, with a 50/50 basket of fries and onion rings.  All washed down with a Coca-Cola Light.  So yeah, if you ever find yourself here in Eindhoven and want a slice of “America,” you should check this place out. 

That’s been my weekend…nothing spectacular, but every now and then something new pops up and you discover something else that reminds you of home, and you can sit back and smile.  Or, better yet, you find something that is completely un-American, and you drive along it at over 100 mph.  WIN!