Lordy, it’s been nearly a month since I updated.  When I started this blog, I knew it wouldn’t be an everyday occurrence to update, but I thought I’d do better than once a month!  Note to self, must work on that.

So…what’s been up with me lately?!  After breaking my foot in June (fell off my bike…yes, I’m accident prone), and waiting anxiously for it to heal for several months, the final verdict was that my bones don’t grow, I don’t drink enough milk, it’s a low blood flow area, and, oh yeah…life hates me.  So, the very nice doctor here (no really, he is quite nice) said that I needed surgery to “help nature along.”  He’s very big on this whole “helping nature” bit…which I need to remind him of the next time he tries to wrap me in enough gauze to clog the hole in the Titanic.  But…I digress.

So yes, we’re helping nature now, and clearly the only way to do that was to screw a giant pin into my 5th metatarsal.  Clearly.  So, last Thursday, after three rounds of x-rays, countless nights of lost sleep thinking I was going to not wake up from the anesthesia, and numerous times of Jamie telling me I was being ridiculous, I went under the knife.  My surgery was scheduled for 2:00pm, but I didn’t end up being knocked out until around 3:45pm.  Apparently the surgery prior to mine took longer than expected, which really wasn’t a big deal.  It wasn’t like I had anything else pressing on my calendar for that day…except, you know…not dying.  I really don’t think it helped when the anesthesiologist told me that the stuff he was using to knock me out was also what Michael Jackson was using.  Ummm…didn’t that stuff kill him?!  Yeah…thanks for that, Doc.

So yeah…went in, got in my lovely little paper gown, got to put on a robe (quite comfy), and hopped onto my operating bed.  They put in the IV…which almost made me faint, but the nurse was prepared with Glucose tablets that she would shove into my mouth periodically.  I swear, faint once in a doctor’s office and they never let you forget it!  We all chatted, small talk…me making jokes because I’m nervous, them not laughing because the Dutch have no sense of humor.  You know…the usual.  Finally, they have me walk into the operating room and hop onto another table.  They stuff something in my IV for pain, told me it would make me dizzy, and the next thing I know, I’m having the best buzz known to man!  It was all the fun of being tipsy (spinning lights, me wanting to giggle, etc), without all the extras (puking, acting like an ass).  Then…they pumped me full of the MJ juice, and I was out!

About an hour or so later, I come to.  The anesthesia wore off super fast, which was good.  I didn’t feel real groggy or out of it, and was able to hold a normal conversation after a few minutes.  They had given me a nerve block in my groin while I was out, so that (in theory), my leg would be numb.  Ummm…yeah…something must be wrong with me, because my foot was definitely NOT numb.  The inside of my thigh, however, was a different story.  Didn’t seem to matter though, since I really didn’t have much pain at all.  It was annoying, and it ached, but it was probably only about a 3 out of 10.  Definitely nothing to write home about.  Lucky for me, because they don’t exactly pump you full of narcotics like they do back in the States.  I was told to take a couple of Paracetamol before the surgery, and they gave me Celebrex for the swelling, and then gave me Tramadol for pain if it got bad.  I used some the first night, but none after.  I really didn’t even need it the first night, but thought I should in case the nerve block was actually doing some sort of good and it would hurt really bad when it wore off.  Yeah…needless to say, the nerve block wasn’t doing anything, and it didn’t hurt any worse.  So…since Thursday, I’ve been taking my daily cocktail of 2 Paracetamol in the morning along with a Celebrex, then 2 more Paracetamol at night with a Celebrex.  I probably won’t even bother taking the Paracetamol tonight, since it’s not been a big deal.

Other than that, the absolute WORST  part of this entire experience is being immobile and on crutches.  I am not used to having people take care of me, and while Jamie is doing a wonderful job, I just miss doing things for myself!  However, it takes forever for me to get anywhere on the crutches (not to mention, they hurt really bad to use), so I just sit in one spot for most of the day, unless I have to go somewhere.  I only have to be on them for three weeks, thank God, but I honestly don’t know how people do it if they have to use crutches full-time.  I would go insane!  I know, realistically, that I would get used to them and become quite adept, but just the point of getting there would surely drive me mad!

So yeah…that’s life right now.  I’m thankful for DVR so that I can have my Law and Order: SVU marathons, and Ghost Hunters International viewings, but I can see how that’s going to get old at some point.  Luckily, the crutches are only until Thanksgiving, then it’s back on my own two feet!  Well…one will be covered in a walking cast, but whatever…it’s still on two feet!

That’s all for me…how’s life with all of you?!