Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s a day reserved for the best things in life: giving thanks for all we have, eating, and football/napping (I typically nap while Jamie watches football).  This year is the first year that I won’t be having Thanksgiving with my parents.  Jamie’s parents don’t really go all-out for Thanksgiving, so we usually went to my place for the holiday.  My mom goes NUTS for Thanksgiving!  Lots of delicious home-made food, a fire in the fireplace, the family all around talking loudly, and the television on in the background.  Not to mention, the store ads for Black Friday!

This year, we decided not to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We’ve both been home a few times throughout this year and we weren’t sure if we would be able to get home for the holidays, so we decided that this year we’d just stay at home and go back to the States for the holidays in 2011.  While I’m a little sad that I’m missing Thanksgiving at home with the family, I’m super excited to be putting on a Thanksgiving feast of my own!  We’re inviting over our friends/co-workers for the day and hosting the meal, football, and a Monopoly game for everyone.  While the co-workers all come from either the US or the UK, Jamie and I are the only Americans that grew up with the tradition of Thanksgiving (one co-worker is from India, another is from S. Korea, and the third is from England).  Since they’re not really used to the traditional meal, I want to put together something special for them!  I have found it very hard to find turkey breasts here in the Netherlands, so I think we’ll be making a trip to Belgium to go to the Carrefour grocery store to get our supplies there.  I was shocked when we moved here and I couldn’t even find sliced turkey in the deli section of the grocery!  Finally, I found some, but there’s still not a good chance of finding an entire turkey breasts for the meal.

I know I’ll be cooking turkey breasts (there’s no way an entire turkey would fit in my oven, plus there’s only 6 of us, max.), and Jamie loves my homemade stuffing (loosely based off of this recipe), so that’s going to be made as well.  I’ll probably do my cheesy potatoes (sort of like Paula’s recipe, with shredded hash browns, cheese, sour cream, and onions all baked together…but I don’t use cream of celery soup or potato chips.), and a vegetable (I’m thinking green beans and/or brussel sprouts).  Then…dessert.  I really wanted to make a pumpkin cheesecake, but I haven’t been able to find canned pumpkin here, and I’m just too lazy to make pumpkin puree from scratch (I’ve done it before, and I really just don’t feel like dealing with it).  Dessert might be one of those areas where I just take some help from the fabulous bakeries here and buy it.  Plus…I only have two ovens, and they’ll be booked for the turkey and the stuffing, so unless I make a dessert ahead of time (which is totally possible), I won’t have the oven space.  Oh well…at least I have time to sort that one out.

Overall, even though I won’t be spending time with our families this holiday season, I am super excited to start a tradition of our own.  Before long, we’ll be putting up our tree and going to Christmas markets in Germany, so I have a lot to look forward to in the coming month!  Hope you all are getting excited for the holidays as well!