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Now that Thanksgiving had come and gone, and I’d gotten my monthly work meeting in the UK out of the way, I was ready to decorate for the big one…you know, the awe inspiring holiday that is Christmas.  Jamie and I aren’t super religious, so we don’t do a lot of the religious aspects of Christmas (church, Nativity/Creche, etc.), but we sure do decorate!  Well…let me rephrase that.  I sure do decorate!  Jamie feels as though he “supervises,” which means he helps me haul in the tree and assemble it straight (which thwarts me every year…a straight tree…you’d think it was so simple), and then will sit back and watch me turn on the Christmas carols and putter around decorating to my heart’s content.  It’s a good system, I think…he wouldn’t decorate it the way I wanted it anyways.  If left up to Jamie, he’d have a Colts themed tree or something.

So, Sunday night we brought in the tree from our downstairs storage unit.  I was a bit concerned, because it’s a pre-lit tree, and well…we did move to the other side of the world with it in a storage container, so I wasn’t 100% sure that it would light back up this year.  But sure enough, it did!  Those things are sturdy, because all the other strands of lights that I would buy from year to year had about 1.5 uses in them.   Inevitably, they would stop lighting about halfway through the Christmas season, which would cause me to have a near coronary and rush out to  buy more to fix them.  Sigh…tis the season, eh?

So…back to my story.  Jamie brought the tree in, along with all the ornaments and wrapping supplies, and away we went!  He helped me get it assembled, then locked himself in the spare room to wrap Christmas gifts while I decorated.  I had forgotten that I had bought these decorative hooks to use for ornaments at Target last year, so I had a bunch of those, as well as some hanging jewels to put on the tree.  All this, along with my jewel toned ornament bulbs, and my tree was a success!  I was quite pleased with how it turned out. 

Our Christmas Tree

After that was finished, I started wrapping Jamie’s gifts.  For those back in the States that I bought presents for, I shipped them to my parents house so that my mom could wrap them and distribute for me (lame, yes, but a hell of a lot cheaper than shipping it from the US to the Netherlands, wrap it, then ship it back to the US).  So, basically, I only had presents here for Jamie.  Simple enough!  I love wrapping gifts, so I wrapped up everything that I’d bought so far and stuck them under our tree!  Sigh…I love Christmas!

On the flip side, I was sitting here thinking today about how this is the first year I won’t be with my parents for Christmas.  In my 28 years of life, 27 Christmas mornings have been spent with my parents (we did Christmas Eve Ornament with Fancy Hookwith Jamie’s family).  This year is the first one on our own.  It’s a bit sad, but that’s a part of growing up and growing older.  Jamie’s my family now (along with our cat), and so, technically, I am still spending Christmas with “family.”  Just different; not necessarily better or worse, but different.  I know it’ll still be fabulous, and this move has brought us together even more than we were when we first married, so I’m very blessed, which is what I need to focus on when I start getting a bit bummed.

So yes…the holiday season is upon us!  I wish you all a very merry holiday season and I hope you are filled with love and happiness