One of the best things about where we live are the Christmas markets during the holiday season!  They have them here in the Netherlands, as well as in Germany, Belgium, and Austria (that I know of, though I’m sure they’re in other places as well).  The Christmas markets are usually in the large squares, and are packed with different booths and stalls selling delicious food, Christmas items, etc.  You can also get Glutwein and other alcoholic drinks from the stalls, so it’s always a good time.

Yesterday, we met up with some of my friends here to go to a Christmas market in Antwerp, Belgium.  This was really my first big excursion since my foot surgery, so I was super excited to get out and about, plus to see my friends.   We all met on the train in Dordrecht and rode to Antwerp together, then started exploring.  OMG…the foods.  We had friend shrimp and veggie rolls (from the Korean stall), had Spanish Cava (sparkling wine, delicious), friets (French fries), funnel cake balls covered in powdered sugar (can’t remember the Dutch name for this, but it was DELICIOUS), brats and a bunch of other things.  It was the height of gluttony…just a bite here and there, stopping at random stalls.  We were out an about for several hours, just laughing and having a great time.  Honestly, good friends make all the difference…and these ladies/men are awesome!  After we finished up, we hopped the train and went back to our respective homes, but it will always be a fantastic memory of a great day.  Here are some photos!

This picture is of Chris and I, enjoying the VERY delicious funnel cake balls.  We had originally bought 15 for 7 people (6 adults and 1 child).  There were none left about 3 minutes after this photo was taken.

This picture is of my friend Jenn, and her son, Quint, enjoying a brat, a la “Lady and the Tramp.”  That child is probably the cutest child I’ve ever met…I wanted to take him home with me. He has a great personality, and look at that face! That hair! Sigh…just an adorable child.

And finally, a picture of Jamie holding Quint.  This was towards the end of the day and everyone was a bit tired, but Quint was a trooper the entire time!  Seeing Jamie with a little kid just made me realize all the more what a fantastic dad he’s going to be when it’s time for us to become parents.  Sigh…makes my heart swell with love.

Well…that was our day!  Other pictures were taken, but they’re on different cameras so I don’t have them yet.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!