This is going to be a multi-post story, mainly because I’m typing on my iPhone and I’m too lazy to do it all in one shot. (Plus, I’ll probably forget half of what I intended to type by the time I get home. So, not only am I lazy, but I’m also forgetful. Awesome.)

Anyways…back to the story at hand. It is Easter time for all the bunny and chocolate lovers out there, and Jamie and I figured, what better way to spend the holiday than a trip to Prague! The city is well known for it’s Easter markets, so we thought we’d give it a whirl. Since I fly every month for my job, I wasn’t too keen on another visit to Schiphol, so we decided to drive. Prague is only around 7.5 hours from Eindhoven, so easy to fldo, especially when broken up over two days.

Today was leg one of the drive. Jamie and I left the apartment around 1pm and we were on our way! Jamie had some work teleconferences that he had to call into, so I was behind the wheel. Let me tell you, the Autobahn is really disappointing when it’s stop-and-go traffic. Getting to the hotel in Kassel, Germany took at least an hour longer than it should have, nut we finally made it! We checked in, had some dinner, and are now ready to pass out for the night.

Tomorrow: the drive to the Czech Republic, and Prague.