We woke up on Friday morning bright and early. Not really very eager though, since both our backs hurt and we’d slept poorly. I just really hate rock hard beds. We jumped in the car and went in search of some breakfast/lunch. Nothing like fast food on vacation!

The drive was only supposed to take five hours, but due to even more traffic and construction, it took closer to seven. We finally got to our hotel and checked in around 5pm. We quickly dripped off our things and went exploring! There’s something about a city at dusk that I love…the people are slower, the lights are a bit more dim…life just seems to move at a more relaxed pace. We walked around to get a feel for the city and to get our bearings before finding some dinner. After a delicious meal, we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep for our full day of Prague!

Next up: All that Prague has to offer!