Wow…I am a slacker!  It’s been months since I’ve updated, and I completely forgot that I never finished my blog posts on our Czech Republic trip!  I have been remiss!  My 2.73 readers out there are surely shaking their fists in fury at my oversight. Basically…I suck.  My apologies.

So…where we left off, Jamie and I were wandering the streets of Prague.  Beautiful city with some amazing history and architecture, but I was ready for something different (as was Jamie, because he’s not a big city person).  The next day, we hopped in our car and drove a few hours east of Prague to a town called Teplice.  All throughout this region of the Czech Republic is some amazing sandstone rock formations that are perfect for rock climbing.  Also, plenty of forests for hiking, which was our main goal. We arrived in Teplice ready to go, strapped on our shoes, and headed to the trail.

Walking on snow in April.

The really amazing thing about hiking here was the fact that the rocks are SO tall, there are areas of the hiking path that never see light, so even in late April there is snow on the ground! The weather was in the upper 60s and we were walking on packed snow…it was awesome!

Here is a photo of me, walking in the forest with snow covering the ground. It was a completely surreal experience, but I loved it! It was only through one small part of the hike that there was snow, the area was referred to as “The Freezer” because once you walked into the area, the temperatures dropped 20 degrees and there was snow everywhere. I was chilly in my rain/wind jacket, but did ok…I wouldn’t have wanted to have any other layers on because it was warm throughout the rest of the hike.

After a few hours walking/hiking, we finished the trail.  It was so nice to get out of the city and see another part of the country that was off the beaten path.  Jamie and I really enjoy outdoors activities, but I also like city sightseeing as well, so it was really great to be able to incorporate the two during our trip.  Plus…the Czech Republic is such a gorgeous country throughout, it was really awesome to be able to drive around and just take it all in!

We got back to the hotel in the late afternoon, and grabbed a quick shower before going back to the hotel restaurant for dinner.  I told you this place was awesome!  The food was great!  The next morning, we had to get up early and head back home, as work was waiting for us.  The drive was long, but we made it back in one piece (no thanks to Jamie, who did all the driving).

Sorry that it took me so long to get back on this blog…I promise to make a better go of it from now on!  My next post…our trip to Verona, Italy for an outdoor opera!