Ever since we started dating, we’ve encountered the age-old question of traditions. Namely…which family’s traditions to follow. Luckily for us, there wasn’t too much we were prepared to fight to the death for, and so we made a decision to start our own. There’s something to be said for striking out on your own, forging your own path in life. A path that suits you an your family, unique and special.

And there it began. We started out small….carving pumpkins for Halloween and then handing out candy to kids instead of going to the parties. Then, the traditions started growing. We now have a whole Christmas routine going on, starting with all 8 Harry Potter movies, and then “The Polar Express” on Christmas eve. We get up on Christmas, spend the day with just us, and I make baked French toast for breakfast. It was hard to decide which family to see in the day of, so we just decided to see neither. The day is spent with our little family of three (two humans and a cat). It works for us.

Which brings me to the point of all this rambling. Jamie was looking for suggestions on what to do this Christmas. Last year, we rented an apartment in the Swiss Alps and drove over (with the cat) for a week of snow and relaxation. It was fabulous! Jamie mentioned that he like to go away for Christmas every year (like we’ve done for the past 3-4 years). At first I balked at the idea…it was one thing for Jamie and I to run off over the holidays, but wouldn’t we be robbing our future children of a traditional Christmas morning if we weren’t at home? How would “Santa” find us on some beach?! Would it even FEEL like Christmas on a beach (should we decide to go to a beach, for argument’s sake)?!

And then, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that “home” is where family is. It’s an idea, not necessarily a place. And even if we spent December 25th in the middle of an ocean on a sailboat, I could still make it a special Christmas for my children, because thy would be surrounded by love and family, even if they weren’t surrounded by Christmas lights and garland. It’s hard to wrap my mind around at times, because I’m so familiar with how my family has done things since I was a child (as I’m sure it’s hard for Jamie as well). But, I think that if that is what we want to do, it’ll be amazing.

Traditions are fantastic to have and are great to pass down, but I’m so thankful that I’ve found someone who is interested in making new traditions with me. He’s a good man, my hubby.