Every year at Christmas time, Jamie and I like to get away somewhere for the holidays. Not that we don’t like our families, we do. But, it’s hard to see everyone and split the time “fairly” between two families in different cities. So, one year, we decided to stop trying. If the whole point of the holidays is to spend time with loved ones and share “togetherness,” then what does it matter what date you do it on? And shouldn’t you be doing the whole “time with loved ones” a bit more than once a year anyways (if you are close enough in proximity to do so, I mean)?

Of course, living abroad for the past three years has also helped us solidify this tradition. It’s expensive to fly home during the holidays, and the airports are always a hot mess, so we haven’t even attempted to go home during the holidays since we moved to Europe. Now that we’re moving home in March of next year, I expect to get some pushback from one, if not both, of our families. I’m sure they’ll expect us to show up to all the holiday hoopla, but I honestly don’t think we will. The desire to travel and see something new (combined with a shutdown period at our work), is pretty compelling!

This year, we are in gorgeous Switzerland for Christmas. We’re staying in an adorable town called Grindelwald, which is on the Eiger mountain. The snow has been falling steadily since we arrived last Saturday, and I have been filling up on cheese, homemade gingerbread cookies, and wine. I so very much love vacation! I’ll be posting photos of our time here over the next week or so, so stay tuned!