Since moving home in March, our lives have been pretty much non-stop.  We’ve been moving boxes, unpacking boxes, painting walls and buying furniture.  We’ve been settling in, and changing jobs, and catching up with friends and family.  We’ve had our anniversary and our trip to Hawaii, and only just now have we finally stopped to take a breather, which has been desperately needed after this whirlwind few months.

And it’s good, to have a break.  Work is definitely ramping up, so that will become my primary focus for a while, but it’s nice to have the routine of a job.  The everyday wake-up at the same time, the workout at the gym before heading home to shower and dress for the office.  The driving in to work together, stealing a few minutes of time away from our day to talk, just the two of us.  And it’s summer now, which means grilling out, and having friends over for lazy talks on the porch with half-empty glasses of wine.  It’s nice to be home, again.

Hawaii was a bag of mixed emotions.  We had gone to Hawaii (Maui) five years ago for our honeymoon, and had a fantastic time!  Which probably allowed for our expectations this time around to be a tad unrealistic and hard to live up to.  It wasn’t our best vacation, nor was it our worst.  It rained a fair amount, some of our activities fell apart at the seams (being flooded at a luau is quite the adventure though), and our accommodations weren’t quite what we were expecting.  But, at the heart of it all, we were together and we were able to sit back, relax, and be in love (what we do best!).  So, in that respect, it was exactly everything a vacation should be…and while it might not hold the top spot in my memory for “most amazing trip,” it definitely holds a spot in my heart for “best love ever.”

Our next trip will be for the 4th of July!  We’re not sure yet where we’re headed, but we do have a long weekend we can use without taking extra vacation days, so we’re trying to take advantage of that.  So far, some options include:  New Orleans, Charleston, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.   If you have any other suggestions for awesome places to spend the 4th, please let me know! 

Much love to all,