I apologized that I’ve neglected this blog so much. We moved home, and changed jobs, and found our social life again…it’s been fantastic! But, the one downside is that we’ve not really traveled all that much since moving home (and by all that much, I mean we’ve been to one place since March…Hawaii for our anniversary).

But…hopefully that’s about to change! We’ve booked a short weekend trip to Washington DC for the beginning of August, and I am so excited to go! I’ve been before, numerous times, but I absolutely adore DC and can’t wait to get back. I have a list of places I’d like to go, restaurants I’d like to eat at, and all the things I’d like to see. It’ll be a short trip (fly in Friday night, leave Sunday late afternoon), but it’s worth it.

I’ll be sure to take lots of photos, and do a recap of the hotel and restaurants, in case you were looking for recommendations for any upcoming trips! Can’t wait to get back to traveling and get back to posting here!