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This year has been a bit stagnant on the travel, but then again, it’s only January. However, we hope to really get out there and experience lots of new things this year! Last year was a bit busy with the move home, and everything else that was going on in our lives, so sadly this blog took a bit of a back seat. Well…no more, I say!

This May, we have the extreme pleasure of getting to see our good friends R and S exchange vows in the city of Seattle. It’s a bit of a destination wedding for them, as they’re both from Ohio, but R loves the city and the location, and really wanted to share that with S. It’ll be a small, intimate, affair…one that I couldn’t be happier about experiencing!

To add to the fun that will be the wedding, it will also be our (J and I) sixth wedding anniversary. We married May 16, 2008, so this wedding will be right around the time of our anniversary. What better way to celebrate love than to see it first hand! Plus…it’s an excuse for an anniversary trip! Two birds, one stone! What’s even better, you might ask? The fact that J and I are sharing an apartment in the city with R and S prior to the wedding. Not only do I get a great time away with my husband, but we also get great “friend” time as well. Seriously, it doesn’t get better than this.

Once again, I headed over to VRBO to test the waters and see what was available in terms of apartment rentals. We’ve done VRBO a handful of times now…some good, some less than. It seems a bit like throwing caution into the wind, but we’ve been pleased more times than not, so we keep going back. Plus, you really can’t beat the prices at time. I found a few good options, but we all decided that we really wanted the “city vibe” for this trip, so we picked a place in . It’s a large apartment complex, right in the middle of it all, and should be a really bustling atmosphere! We’re close to Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, and a lot of other sites, which was really important. We like to get out and walk around, not be stuck in cars all day, so staying in a central location is usually high up on the list. This place looks to really fit that bill, so I’m very excited.

The wedding itself is outside Seattle, at a gorgeous spa lodge, called The Salish Lodge.  It looks absolutely decadent.  R has been before, with a friend, for her 31st birthday and reported back that the place is absolutely lovely, which is why she so badly wanted her wedding held there.  J and I, as well as R and S, will be spending the night of the wedding at the lodge (though obviously not in the same room).  I’m really excited to see the lodge and do some hiking around there with J, prior to the ceremony.  I’ll be sure to take lots of photos to update with once we return.

Some other area attractions J and I plan on seeing while in Seattle are Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium, the Seattle City Public Library (my inner book nerd can never resist a good library), and hopefully a whale watching tour!  J and I will be in Seattle Wednesday evening through Sunday morning, so I hope to get in a few things.  Plus…there will always be food!  Any of you who have read my blog for any length of time know that I’m all about the food…I can’t resist!  I’ll be sure to post about my favorite restaurants while there as well.

If any of you have any recommendations for Seattle, I’d love to hear them!  The best part of having a travel blog is getting to hear tidbits from others who have gone before me, and answer questions for those who travel after.  Send me a comment if you’d like to share something!

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