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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on here. And sadly, it’s been because I haven’t really traveled in some time. Moving back to the States means that the days of galavanting off to France for the weekend are over. We’ve been invested in our home remodels, in our work, and in our community activities. But, as of this past weekend, that will now all change! This year is the year of getting our travel fix, and I am excited!

Last weekend, we kicked off the traveling season with a trip down to Louisville for the “Thunder over Louisville” festivities! For those of you not familiar with the experience, “Thunder over Louisville” is the big bash that kicks off the Kentucky Derby season. The day is filled with a giant air show that runs from about 3:00pm until the big firework show starts, around 9:30pm. It’s definitely weather dependent, but this year we were really blessed with gorgeous weather! Mid to upper 70 degree temperatures, slight breeze, and not a rain cloud in sight! Perfection!

We had actually done Thunder before…eight years ago. It was actually J’s and my first “weekend getaway” as a couple, even before we were engaged. So, I really wanted to revisit the festival as a big of a reunion, plus I’ve never turned down a good firework show! Whereas last time we stayed at a cute B&B on the Indiana side, this year we splurged a bit and got a hotel room right on the river for two nights. And I’m so glad we did stay near the river, because not having to deal with the traffic was WELL worth the extra money. In addition, this year we decided to book a table at one of the restaurants on the river, that advertised an all-you-can eat buffet while you were there, and a quiet spot to watch the fireworks when it was time. Again, it was a splurge, but worth it in the end, if only to have the joy of using indoor restrooms and not a port-o-potty!

However, that wasn’t the only amazing thing about Louisville. J and I had an opportunity to sample some of the delicious local restaurants as well! Two places REALLY stood out for us: Harvest and Safier. Both local, quite different, and QUITE delicious!

Harvest is one of those restaurants you see spouting up all over America. They boast an amazing menu of locally sourced meats and produce, and they do their best to cook seasonally. The location was a short walk from the hotel, and the restaurant was cozy and open, and overall very friendly in atmosphere. We started with the bread plate, which consisted of scones so fresh and delicate they literally melted in your mouth. Plus, they coupled the scones with sorghum butter, which we’d never had before, but it was PERFECT with the scones. Then, we both decided to try something different so that we could sample as much as we could possibly get our hands on. J ordered the Pork Confit, which was paired with the most amazing jalepeno cheese grits. Seriously, they were so good you could cry. I ordered a steak (I know, I know…my vegetarianism side was cringing) that was paired with cheese bread pudding, and crispy fried shoestring potatoes. I won’t lie, I had some of both of our plates, and they were both phenomenal! Both cuts of meat were incredibly tender, and the sides complemented the flavors wonderfully. I also sampled a bit from the bar, and ordered their Cosmonaught, which was a take on the traditional Cosmo martini, only with cranberry-hisbiscus bitters and vodka. DELICIOUS!! Then, because we were feeling particularly gluttonous, we shared dessert, which was a peach and blueberry crumble. Like everything else we’d tasted that night, is was perfect. Honestly, I didn’t have a single complaint about this place…everything about it was delightful! The service was spot on, the food was amazing, and we had a fantastic dinner! Highly recommend, for sure.

Then, Saturday morning, we needed a late lunch/brunch place, and J picked out Safier. Safier is a Mediterranean cafe that specializes in Lebanese and Persian food. They also have some Indian dishes across the menu as well, so there’s a lot there to offer for most people! I never turn down a middle eastern restaurant, as it’s my favorite type of food, and I was thrilled with the menu when we got there! Don’t be turned off by the lack of decor and overall look of the place…it’s a deli and the real treasure is the food. I ordered the hummous and pita, along with a falafel wrap sandwich. I have no idea how they do it, but the hummous was the creamiest I’ve ever had it, and it was SO GOOD! The pita, and the hummous, and OH MY WORD. Then, they brought out my falafel sandwich, and I darn near died and went straight to heaven. The falafel were light and crisp and full of flavor. And the pita that the sandwich was wrapped in…it was crispy, and soft, and just all around YUM! J ordered the falafel platter, which came with four good-sized falafel, rice, and a salad. And he split my hummous. Needless to say, we didn’t finish it all and we did NOT leave hungry. And the price! BEST PART!! Huge amounts of food for less than $15 total for both of us. J also loved his falafel, but we both agreed we probably could have split his platter and the hummous and still not finished it all. As with Harvest, I would highly recommend this place to anyone who likes middle eastern food, or anyone looking for anything other than the ordinary burger and fries. It’s AH-MAZ-ING!

So…that was our trip! It was short and sweet, and I ate myself crazy. Totally worth every calorie ingested, and I can’t wait to return and try some more restaurants in Louisville! Hope you guys enjoyed, and let me know if you’ve got any other hidden gems we should try!

Much love,