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In May, J and I traveled to Seattle for my dear friend’s wedding. It was a combination trip, a week prior to leaving was our (J and mine) six-year wedding anniversary. So…wedding and anniversary…a long weekend of love. (How’s that Hallmark…ready to hire me yet?)

Seattle was lovely! I remember thinking it would be raining the majority of the time (because that’s what everyone says about Seattle…the incessant rain), and being shocked at the end because it only rained once…for a few hours. The weather was fantastic, and the views of the mountains and the sound were absolutely gorgeous! And the food, holy crap…the food. I seriously ate myself stupid that trip! And that, my friends, makes a trip successful (at least in my eyes). Eating myself stupid is a total win.

seattleThe trip started off with a few slight hiccups. Heading from Chicago into Sea-Tac was a bit rough. We all boarded the plane and were ready to take-off…and then nothing. The pilot came on over the loudspeaker to let us know about some “security incident” that needed resolved, which took a few hours. At the end of it, they escorted a man off the plane, took all his luggage off, and checked his seat. At that point, the “security incident” was deemed resolved, the “additional agencies” involved were happy, and we were on our way. Granted, I was ready to jump the hell off that plane, but I made it to Sea-Tac without further problems.

Once in Seattle, we met up with the future bride and groom (we were all staying in the same apartment for a few days, prior to the wedding), and immediately headed for pizza. And OMG…the pizza was amazing. We stopped at a local place called Serious Pie, and that place was to die for!  Between the four of us, we split three pizzas and had the perfect amount.  Plus, they serve some craft beers and the cider there was delicious.  I can highly recommend the soft cooked free range eggs, smoked prosciutto, pecorino sardo, arugula pizza…it was one of the three we ordered, and it was like heaven.  NOM!  I’m totally going to make it myself, hopefully next week!

PikesAfter pizza, we headed back to the apartment to relax and pass out.  I don’t deal well with jet lag, so I was exhausted.  The next morning we hit up Pike’s Place Market, which was really interesting and full of tiny shops.  It reminded me a lot of some of the markets in Europe that we’d visit on the weekends.  We also managed to grab breakfast at this little Russian bakery across the street.  I had a spinach and feta Piroshki, which is a baked dough pocket filled with nothing much awesomeness.  Delicious, and completely filling.  After breakfast, we walked around a bit more before heading over to the Space Needle space needleand the Chihuly museum.  The space needle was neat…definitely touristy, but gave great views of the city and surrounding mountain chains.  But the real gem was the Chihuly museum.  I’ve always been in love with his glass works, and this museum was no disappointment!  So colorful, and they museum did a great job with the displays and lighting.  Everything was highlighted beautifully and I’d definitely make a return trip to see it again.  At that point, we all met back up for lunch (near the market), before heading on a car trip to Mt. Rainier.  Most of the entrances were closed since it was early in the season, but the drive was fantastic and really soothing.  Very beautiful views of snow-capped mountains.  J and I managed to grab some dinner on the way back to the apartment, before passing out early.

Friday was a very filled day.  A few months prior, I had booked J and I a couple’s massage at the lodge where the wedding would take place.  Salish Lodge and Spa had a fantastic spa that I really wanted to take advantage of.  On top of a great massage (travel always makes my back act up, so the massage was well appreciated on my end) we had access to the thermal baths that were in the lodge.  It was so relaxing and blissful to just hang out after the massage.  J and I sat in the steam room for awhile, and then relaxed some more in the thermal baths before getting ready for lunch.  For lunch, we headed back to chihulySeattle and ate at a seafood place near the docks.  Cutters Crabhouse had a great menu and really offered something for everyone.  We started with a crab dip that made me want to cry (it was that good), before getting lunches of fish and chips.  They had two different kinds, so we each got one and shared.  I hadn’t really had fish and chips since leaving Europe, so it was great to have it again!  That evening was the welcome dinner with the future bride and groom.  We had dinner at an Italian place, Tutta Bella,  that also made some great pizzas.  Can you tell that I’m a sucker for pizza?  It was great relaxing with friends and family, and we had a fantastic time.  We went back to the apartment to get some sleep for the big day the next morning!

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear.  The bride and I ran off to our hair appointments, and then back to Nordstroms for a quick shopping trip (turns out she had accidentally left all her undergarments for the dress back in Ohio).  After shopping for her goods (and a pair of TOMS for myself), we got a call from J asking if we wanted to meet up with him and the groom for lunch.  We agreed and headed back to Issaquah to the place J had mentioned.  Turns out her entire family was there as well!  It was a great lunch…fabulous food, lots of laughter, and great company.  We finished up and headed over to the lodge so we all could get ready for the wedding.Mr Rainier

The wedding came, and what can I say.  It was stunning.  The bride and groom were radiant.  The location and decorations were perfection.  The food…omg, the food was to die for.  Everything was cooked to perfection, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I did beg the staff for the chef’s soup recipe.  Hell, who are we kidding, I was 6 seconds away from barging into the kitchen and begging the chef to marry me (don’t tell J).  All in all, it truly was gorgeous, and perfect, and everything I ever would have wanted for them.

And sadly, that was the end of our journey.  Our flight out was at 0830 the next morning, so we went to bed early and got up early, and off we were headed for home.  While it was a shorter trip, it was filled with everything we love.  Friends, good food, amazing sights, and each other.

Much love,