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Shortly after getting back from our Seattle trip, I took a longer weekend to go visit my very bestest friend, L, in Dallas, TX.  Before the month of May, I’d never been in Texas before, in my life.  However, in the past month, I’ve been in Texas twice!  Earlier in May, I was in Houston for a work trip to a trade show, and late in the month I visited Dallas (as is the point of this post).

I arrived in Dallas late on Thursday evening.  Super late.  11:00pm late.  Which, if you know me, you know that’s at least an hour past my bedtime.  Trust me, I need my beauty sleep, and lots of it!  But luckily, this is my best friend I was visiting, so expectations for gorgeousness was low.  God bless friendship, that’s all I have to say.  After arriving into Dallas, we basically drove back to her apartment.  I showered, and promptly passed out.  Worst houseguest ever.

Friday morning, we woke up and began our day.  First order of the day…breakfast.  I am a total breakfast lush.  I love breakfast.  Breakfast any time of the day, even…morning, noon, or night.  In fact, brunch might very well be my favorite time of the day.  Knowing this, L took me to a fabulous little brunch place called Ellen’s Southern Kitchen.  I ordered the biscuits and gravy, and they were SO good!  I’m normally a “sweet breakfast” girl, so the French Toast was definitely tempting, but I was in a savory mood.  And I was glad I picked the biscuits and gravy.  I could eat that all the time, every day (and weigh 500 pounds in the meantime), it was that good.  I was also told the grits at that place were pretty tasty as well, but I didn’t have room for it after that.grassy knoll

After, we walked around Uptown for a bit, just giving me an opportunity to see the slice of city that L lives in.  It was nice!  Everything was very walk-able and didn’t feel too “big city.”  We also did a little touring.  L took me to the fated Book Depository where the shots were fired that killed President Kennedy, and pointed out the “X”s in the roads marking where the first and second shot hit.  It was surreal to see, and hard to imagine anyone doing such a thing (yet, unsurprising, things like this happen every day).  Of course, I managed to snap a shot at the fated “Grassy Knoll,” where someone was kind enough to place a yellow tarp sign denoting the area as such.  Not so shocking, that sign was gone the next day.

Later that evening, we headed out to a local seafood place that was very “Mad Men” in looks.  It reminded me of one of those upscale, 1950s diners where everything was served on crystal and the waiters wore white gloves.  I didn’t have anything appropriate, so L and I made a run to the local Ross to buy me a dress, and then off we went.  Truluck’s Seafood was super tasty!  They had 1/2 price happy hour, with a limited menu, and L and I tried a lot of different things!  We each ordered drinks…I had a caipirinha and she had the sangria.  The caipirinha was ok…not the best, definitely not the worst, but the sangria was divine!  Absolute perfection in a glass…so of course I had to order another one (or two).  We split the seafood tower for two, which included shrimp, crab, a crab salad, and oysters on the half shell.  It was my first time trying oysters…and I will say, also my last.  Definitely not my favorite!  The rest was absolutely delicious, however, so that helped make up for the feeling like I’d just ingested half the Gulf of Mexico.  Ugh.  After that, I ordered some of the New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, which was served with this amazing baguette.  Perfectly cooked shrimp…everything I wanted.  Plus…more sangria.  Did I mention the sangria was amazing?  It was.  At that point, L dragged me off to a local pub for some more drinks with a work friend of hers, and we hung out there the rest of the evening.  It was nice to sit outside on the patio and have a few beers, just relaxing with the warm summer breeze.  Plus…the place had Bavarian pretzels…and I have never been one to turn down a pretzel.  Momma didn’t raise no fool.

helmet turtleSaturday came upon us quickly.  Another later morning (thanks sangria…I thought we were friends), in which we headed off for a nice walk on the trails that run outside the back of L’s apartment complex.  Six miles later, and I was starving!  Off we went to lunch, at a local Mexican restaurant, Gloria’s.  The fajitas were delicious!  And I noticed that nearly every restaurant had a brunch menu, which included pitchers of mimosas.  Ahh…my kind of town.  After brunch fajitas, we went to a local art area, called Bishop Arts District.  The area had some super cute boutiques with interesting clothing, home goods, and just general every day items.  I even saw this ADORABLE industrial turtle made out of an old WWII helmet and some nuts and bolts.  I wanted to buy it, but I just don’t think the cats would appreciate it.  Plebeians.  However, the major highlight of the district was the pie restaurant.  Oh yes.  A restaurant with a menu consisting SOLELY of pie!!!  Could life BE any better?!  I think not.  Emporium Pies was everything I never knew I needed in life…all wrapped up in a tiny house with a kitchen consisting of glass pie dishes and enough Kitchen-Aid mixers to make Martha Stewart cry out in joyous rapture.  I immediate looked at L and said “we’re not sharing, I already shared brunch with you, get your own.”  Yeah…I’m THAT friend.  But, in the end, we did share.  Emporium PieShe got a piece and I got a piece, then we ate off both.  That’s sharing…sort of.  She got the Ebony and Ivory (buttermilk chess pie swirled with hazelnut spread) and I got the Bourbon Pecan Pie (pecans, bourbon…need I say more).  Apparently you could have gotten the slices of pie with ice cream…but I’d prefer nothing stop me from ingesting the delicious goodness that is pie, not even lactose.

After that, I begged her to roll me back to her apartment, which she sadly didn’t listen to.  Instead, we did a little more shopping, got some sushi at a local grocery (think Whole Foods), and I decided to try Kombucha.  MISTAKE!  Holy crap, that stuff tastes like what I’d imagine fermented pig’s feet smell like.  Good god, it was disgusting.  Fail.  Epic fail.  Cue my annoying gag face and L laughing at me like a hysterical hyena, and us driving back to the apartment.  We wanted a relaxing night, since I had to leave the next day, so we rented a movie (Pitch Perfect!), ate our sushi, and just hung out and laughed.  And basically had a girly BFF night.  Which was perfect.

Sunday morning was slow going.  I packed (sadly), and we dawdled around the apartment, before finally deciding on another brunch place.  These Dallas people like their brunch.  This mimosatime, I decided to partake in the carafe of mimosas, as well as the white cheddar grits and French toast.  Sigh.  Heaven.  I love grits (when done right)…and these were definitely right.  The Social House was a super cute house turned restaurant, and I can’t wait to go back!  In the meantime, I shall sit here and dream of my fatty, delicious grits.  Nom.

After the carafe of mimosa (which apparently wasn’t “orange” enough for L…oh well, more for me!) I had to be practically carried back to the apartment to pick up my stuff.  Then, off to the airport we went, where I boarded my flight to head back home.  Sad, of course…I hate leaving my BFF…but she’s coming home for a visit in a few short weeks, so it’s not too bad!  Plus, I was so thankful I got to visit such an awesome city!  Dallas was definitely a great town…lots to see and do, PLENTY of amazing food, and the best friend a girl could ask for.  I’ll definitely be going back!

Much love,