A glimpse of the inner workings of Kristin

Hi! I’m Kristin. I’m a “too close to 30 for comfort” traveler that loves seeing new and exciting places. My husband and I are currently expats in the Netherlands, and this blog will be used as an online journal of the life of an expat, and all our travels (or at least those that I remember to blog about). I love to travel (obviously), cook, read, hang out with my friends and husband. I watch movies like the DVD player will break tomorrow, and Food Network was created to make me a fatty McFattersons.

I have a love affair with white wine. Not red so much, but white? Oh yeah…good stuff. Thankfully, the good wines here are still relatively cheap, so I can still get the goods without blowing the budget. I absolutely LOVE having painted toenails, but 99% of the time you won’t see me with a stitch of make-up on (even though I own plenty, much to my credit card’s dismay). I have an intense desire to learn Krav Maga, and I plan on taking courses once we move back home. This is in addition to the Spanish courses I want to take, and the pottery classes I feel are a necessity to my happiness. Sleep? What’s that? I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

I’ve been married for over 4 years now and we have a fabulous cat that we treat like a kid. I have a black thumb, though I have aspirations of being a gardener when we move back home to the US. I like the outdoors (except when it’s got), and I love to scuba dive and hike. I work at an engineering company, so I’m used to being treated like one of the guys. I love pizza and pastries, and consider brussel sprouts to be the finest vegetable ever grown.

Anything else, feel free to ask.


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